A real sausage 4 your dog!

Ambassador Super Premium dog food is produced without the participation of the cereal, vegetable and water stabilizers. These are pieces of meat lightly mixed with egg, enriched with the addition of carrots and parsley and grains of flax and pumpkin.
Pet food Super Premium Ambassador is subjected to a special heat treatment at low temperature. Author's sterilization process has allowed for the behavior of all taste and health and at the same time, made it possible to store at room temperature, giving also the annual date for human consumption without the use of preservatives.

Świeża wołania

The appropriate combination of delicious pieces of meat with egg sensationally affect palatability and nutrient bioavailability. Because eggs are the most digestible natural source of animal protein. Added Greens enrich a meal with natural vitamins and carrots in addition to healthy carotene. In addition, the grains of flax and pumpkin supplement feed with essential minerals, very well regulate the digestive system and in conjunction with jajkiemi vegetables sensationally affect hair and eyes.
Super Premium Ambassador does not contain any chemical additives, synthetic vitamins, stabilisers plant, fragrances and preservatives. The recipe is composed only of the highest quality, natural, listed in products.

Despite the high quality of meat ingridients, the secret of Ambasador sausages – its source of health benefits, as well as taste attributes – is in its natural components:
most digestible source of animal protein, containing all essential amino acids
good for eyes, skin condition and coat
rich in vitamins – A, E, D, K, B2, B9 i B12
Pumpkin seeds
rich in fiber, calcium, iron, phosphorus and magnesium
support the digestive system
have a significant effect against parasites in the intestines of dogs
a mixture of linseeds and pumpkin has a great protective effect on the liver
rich in minerals: magnesium, zinc and iron
protects and regulates the digestive system
improves condition of coat and skin of dogs
natural source of omega 3
natural source of vitamins A, C, PP and K
cleanses and detoxifies the body
supports dog’s liver
has a positive effect on the condition of the teeth and bones
a natural source of vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, E, H, K, PP
contains carotene, which positively affects the eyes and strengthens the immune system
together with parsley freshens dog’s breath

Ambasador Sausage
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